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Last update : 11/09/2018

Website access

The purpose of the https://school.qwant.com website (hereinafter "the Website") is to provide a free, up-to-date, dynamic, real-time search engine for an audience of children ages 10 through 16.

This service is not subject to any financial compensation from the public administration in the sense described in Article 1 of the Public Procurement Code.

As the representative for an under-aged user, you acknowledge that the under-aged user has the skills and means necessary to access and use the Website. Any access to and/or use of the Site implies that all legal notices and terms and conditions of use have been acknowledged and accepted. QWANT guarantees maintenance of the services offered in these Terms of Use (GTC), and that any changes will only take place in order to increase the quality of the offer; any decrease in the quality of the offer or change in pricing policy will be subject to 18 months notice.

The Website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, although you recognize that this availability may be interrupted in the event of force majeure or of technical difficulties. In addition, QWANT cannot be held responsible for network or server malfunctions or any other event beyond its control that might hinder or downgrade access to the Website and its services. QWANT reserves the right to interrupt, momentarily suspend, or alter access to all or part of the Service without notice for maintenance and/or control purposes, or for testing purposes, without the interruption, suspension, or alteration giving rise to any obligation or compensation. QWANT will endeavor to notify you in advance. The user commits not to use the Website improperly (for example through unauthorized access to the website, servers, computers or databases related to the Website, saturation attacks, or by introducing malicious or harmful material…) under penalty of prosecution. QWANT reserves the unilateral right to deny access to the service to any user who does not respect these terms of use.

Jurisdiction clause and applicable law

The Website and its conditions of use are governed by French law. In the event of failure to reach an amicable solution, or if one is not being sought, the French courts of the Paris Court of Appeals jurisdiction are the only competent authorities when it comes to any disputes that are born out of these provisions.

Information provided by search engine or services

The aim of the information provided on the Website by its search engine and its services is purely educational and informative. QWANT SCHOOL provides results the contents of which are filtered using a list system:

  • the blacklist omits violent content, sexually explicit content, and paid advertising content, on the basis of work carried out by the University of Toulouse;

QWANT strives to ensure the accuracy of real-time, up-to-date information on the Site. However, it cannot guarantee that the results and information obtained are free from any errors or flaws, nor guarantee its completeness, accuracy, exhaustiveness, or lack of modification by a third party.

Hypertext links

QWANT offers hypertext links to other websites or other sources of information published and/or managed by third parties. You acknowledge that QWANT takes no responsibility for personal data collection and communication, cookie installation, or any other process with the same aims that might be carried out by these websites.

Intellectual property

You do not have any intellectual property rights to the Website and its services, nor do you to their contents. You may use the content obtained through the Site and its services only in accordance with the laws in force. The Website and its components (texts, images, photographs, software, databases…) are the exclusive property of QWANT.

Computing and Freedom

QWANT's commitments to protecting the privacy of its under-aged users are available here

Having information requests processed and registering for certain services may require you to communicate some personal data, such as the under aged user's username and their guardian's email address. This data is collected and processed by QWANT in accordance with Law no. 78-17 from January 6th, 1978, regarding computers, files and freedoms, for the purposes of:

  • creating the user's account, allowing access to the services offered on the Website, each service being governed by its own conditions of use;
  • managing requests for information filed on the Website;
  • managing data withdrawal requests and requests regarding the right to access personal data and to have it rectified and removed;
  • and the security of Qwant's information system.

You have the right to object to the data of the under-aged person you represent being processed, as well as the right to access, correct, and delete the data concerning them.

Requests relating to these rights as well as data withdrawal requests may be exercised:

  • either by writing to QWANT by mail – 7 rue Spontini – 75116 Paris;
  • or by sending an email to: privacy@qwant.com

The personal data that users provide is intended for QWANT only and is only kept for as long as is strictly necessary to the purposes mentioned above. It will not be disclosed and/or transferred to third parties, subject to the regulatory and legal requirements that are applicable to search engines. QWANT is committed to implementing every means necessary in order to guarantee the security and the confidentiality of the data transmitted.

You acknowledge taking full responsibility for the information provided by the under-aged person you represent when they register or when they make any changes to their account. Qwant does not access the profile and is not responsible for its content.

Cookies and other trackers

We further inform you that no advertising tracker making it possible to monitor and identify the under-aged user's interests on the basis of which articles they read is used on the Website.

The only technology that can be installed on the user's computer, which is called "storage locale," is used to save the browser settings (language, Trends options being activated or deactivated, SafeSearch and Favicon options), and this only for as long as the session lasts. In no event will Qwant save any personal data. You acknowledge that you have been informed that you have the option of deleting "storage locale" data by using the toolbar on your browser. You also acknowledge that deactivating this feature is likely to prevent the under-aged user from accessing certain Website features.

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