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Last update : 23/02/2017

Description of the Boards

Supporting QWANT’S social dimension, BOARDS is a service that requires user registration and allows you to aggregate web contents by categorizing them (for example, the user can create a Board about cinema). The Boards contain “notes” which can be videos, pictures, web pages, or written texts.

The Boards are private by default, and it is possible to make them public. Assuming that the user make it public, the other users could view, comment or like the “notes” included in that Board, or incorporate these “notes” into his own Boards.

Moreover, the users can create some “notes” by clicking on the icon beside each listed link. The user can also insert the “note” in an existing Board, or create a new one.

The user can also use a specific search field “Search in the Boards”. The search field indexes all of the Boards and user “notes”. While searching for a Board or a “note”, the user can categorize the Boards (ex: Sport, Music, Cinema, etc.). It is also possible to sort the Boards depending on number of followers, “notes”, “comments” or the update frequency of the Boards.

The Boards (hereafter “BOARDS”) are a service powered by QWANT, available at https://boards.qwant.com. The user acknowledges having read and agreed to the legal notice and the terms of service of the site https://www.qwant.com, and to the BOARDS terms and conditions and undertakes to respect it.

QWANT reserves the right to unilaterally modify the website, the service and/or these terms and conditions to adapt to the future developments of the site and/or its operation. QWANT will endeavor to inform the users beforehand.

Access to the Boards

The use of the BOARDS is strictly reserved for adults or minors who have received the consent of their parents or their guardian.

The user is required to fill the register form (by giving his e-mail address, surname, name, user name and password) in order to create a Board account.

The user acknowledges having the skills and means to access and use the BOARDS.

The user is made aware that it is possible to access the Website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of force majeure or other technical difficulties. Qwant declines any responsibility in case of server problems, problems caused by the telecommunications network infrastructures or any other event beyond its control.

QWANT reserves the right to interrupt, temporarily suspend or modify access without prior notice to all or part of the Website in order to provide its maintenance and/or checking, or for testing purposes. QWANT will endeavor to inform the users beforehand.

Your rights ans responsabilities

Boards logins

The logins (e-mail address and password) are under the user’s sole responsibility. The user can modify it at his convenience. The user commits to make its best-efforts to maintain the confidentiality of his/her password, in particular not to disclose it to a third party. The user has to disconnect from BOARDS when leaving the service. The user acknowledges that the use and the access to the BOARDS with its own logins will be considered as its own use and access, until proven otherwise. QWANT accepts no liability regarding the modification, loss of content or damages on the Boards due to the user’s negligence.

Use of the Boards

The user is precluded from using the Website for unintended use.

The aggregated and published contents and information on the BOARDS can be videos, pictures, web pages, or written texts.

The user is free to choose what type of contents he wants to aggregate in his private or public BOARDS, subject to the following provisions:

The user commits not to publish or aggregate:

  • contents justifying crimes against humanity or war crimes;
  • contents likely to violate the respect for human rights and dignity, the child and teenager protection, in particular by sharing violent, pornographic or pedophile messages;
  • contents causing a breach of the peace or morality;
  • threatening, abusive, stalking, harassing, insulting contents;
  • contents considered as counterfeit, unfair competition or parasitism;
  • contents inciting discrimination, hatred, violence on account of origins, sex, state of health, political affiliation or union membership;
  • contents violating the privacy;
  • contents inciting to commit a crime, an infraction or an act of terrorism;
  • contents violating the secrecy of correspondence;
  • contents providing access to computer virus or any other code or program conceived for interrupting, destroying or limiting the functioning of any software, computer or telecommunication equipment (non-exhaustive list);
  • contents enabling third parties to obtain directly or indirectly pirated software, software allowing to commit piracy and computer or telecommunication system intrusion and, in general terms, every software tool allowing a violation of the third parties rights or security of people and assets.

The user acknowledges being sole responsible for the consequences of the aggregation and publication of contents on the BOARDS. The user acknowledges holding the necessary elements (right, license, consent and/or authorization) to publish the contents. By contrast, the user is precluded from publishing a content he is not legally entitled to hold.

The user acknowledges having being informed that the contents which directly or indirectly identifies natural persons are subject to the currently applicable data protection regulations, in particular the provisions applicable to sensitive data (religious adherence, ethnic affiliation, data concerning health or sex life…). The user will be responsible for all content violating the third parties rights or applicable regulations such as image rights and intellectual property rights.

Qwant’s rights ans responsabilities

Personal data protection

Our privacy commitments are available here.

We ask users to give personal data such as their name, surname, e-mail address and other optional contact details to process information requests and registration to the BOARDS.

The data gathered by QWANT are registered by our Data Protection Officer, in accordance with the currently applicable data protection regulations. The data are processed for the user account creation and for accessing and using the BOARDS (private or public contents aggregation). Qwant guarantees not to sell or disclose the user’s data in any way, subject to regulatory obligations. The user’s personal data are intended for QWANT only and are retained as long as is absolutely necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was gathered.

The user acknowledges being entitled to refuse the processing of his personal data. He is also entitled to access his personal information and to have it amended, updated or deleted, by contacting us by:

  • Regular mail : QWANT – Service juridique, 28 rue de l’Université – 75007 Paris
  • E-mail address: privacy@qwant.com

The user can also modify his information directly on his BOARDS account.

QWANT will make its best-efforts to ensure the transmitted data’s security and confidentiality.

Reporting of illicit contents

QWANT is a host within the meaning of the Directive 2000/31/EC on electronic commerce. Consequently, QWANT is required to remove the illicit contents which have been apprised in compliance with the following notification procedure:

Assuming that the user detects an illicit content while browsing on the BOARDS, he is able to report it by contacting us at legal@qwant.com. QWANT commits to make its best-efforts to delist promptly the reported contents. The aforementioned notification must contain the following information:

  • The date of the notification;
  • If the notifying party is a natural person : his surname, names, profession, residence, nationality, date and place of birth; if the notifying party is a legal entity : its status, company name, head office and its legal representative;
  • The recipient’s names and residence or, for a legal entity, its company name and head office;
  • The description of the litigious facts and their precise location (e.g.: the URL link);
  • The reasons why the content must be removed, including reference to legal conditions and supporting evidence;
  • The copy of the message sent to the author or to the editor, requesting for the interruption, removal, modification of information or the litigious activity; or the justification explaining why the author or editor could not be contacted.

Please note that any incomplete notification will be considered as invalid.

QWANT reserves the right to remove access to any content which violates these terms and conditions. QWANT accept no liability in the following events:

  • If QWANT did not have actual knowledge of illegal activity or information;
  • If QWANT, upon obtaining such knowledge or awareness, acts expeditiously to remove or to disable access to the information.

Intellectual property

Concerning Qwant

All rights reserved, QWANT® is a registered trademark owned by QWANT SAS. Any total or partial reproduction of the trademark and its logo, without QWANT’s express and prior written authorization is prohibited, especially for advertising purposes. The Website, the BOARDS and its composing elements (texts, pictures, photographs, software, databases…), excluding contents aggregated and published by the user, are the exclusive property of QWANT SAS.

Concerning Boards contents

The user can aggregate web contents in the form of videos, pictures, web pages, or written texts on the BOARDS. QWANT cannot have any control over the content published on the BOARDS. Therefore, the user retains the content rights and remain sole responsible for his publications.

The published texts, pictures and contents may be source of intellectual property rights in favor of users, as long as they do not conflict with author’s and assignee’s intellectual property rights.

Termination and deletion

Account termination due to non-compliance to the terms and conditions

QWANT reserves the right to unilaterally refuse access to the BOARDS to any user who does not comply with these terms and conditions. The account termination applies without further formality and without prejudice to damages QWANT could claim for. QWANT will endeavor to inform the users beforehand. QWANT reserves the right to retain evidence of the identified deficiencies and to entrust it to a third-party provider for archival storage until the conflict resolution.

Interruption or deletion of the Boards

Assuming that QWANT will be compelled to interrupt definitively the service BOARDS, the users will be informed beforehand in a reasonable time, in order to enable a data back-up to another storage medium.

Final account deletion by the user

The user can delete his account at any time from the profile by clicking on “delete my qwant.com account”. All the data related to this account will be deleted.

If the user wishes to keep his data and contents, he must back it up to another storage medium before deleting his account.