Your searches are your business

  • Zero tracking of your searches
  • Zero advertising tracking
  • Zero sale of your personal data

The search engine that respects your privacy with passion

Made in France with passion

Developed in France and available in Europe, the Qwant Search engine complies with European laws and the recommendations of the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) regarding the protection of personal data.

Privacy by design

Qwant protects your privacy right from the design of its products and services. With one objective: to keep your data private.

Reliable results

Our Qwant Search interface gives you access to the entire web, thanks to our own indexing technology, designed to give you comprehensive, reliable and unprofiled search results.

90% of Qwant users satisfied.*

Your preferences, your plans, your health (…): what you search on Qwant Search is none of our business and remains confidential. Our search engine, in addition to its reliability, is the first in Europe not to exploit and store your personal data.

Your personal data is yours

Qwant does not store your data to be used for any purpose.  Your searches are your business and no third party should have access to them. We therefore do everything possible to guarantee their confidentiality.

No more advertising cookies!

Enjoy, without being profiled: at Qwant, we don’t use cookies or advertising trackers to define your profile and deal with it.

The same search results for everyone

Qwant gives you the power to see the world as it is, not according to your search history or interests. We don’t know who you are, and your search results are not tailored to you.

Qwant always available thanks to the Qwant mobile app

The qwant app offers the same protection of privacy and quality of service, and goes further because it is also a browser!
Search and browse your websites smoothly, quickly and without tracking.
The qwant mobile application is available on ios and android.