Qwant Search finds everything but who you are.

Qwant is the first European search engine to offer you the best search results while respecting your privacy.

The European search engine that combines performance and ethics.

Made in France.

Qwant Search is developed in France and complies with European laws and CNIL recommendations on the protection of personal data.


Ethics are part of Qwant’s DNA. The search engine is based on two fundamental principles: protection of your privacy and impartiality of results.



Search’s interface is simple and warm, offering the entire web thanks to our own indexing technology, designed to respect an ethical web.


Keeping Your private Life

Every day, you share with your search engine all your tastes, your plans, your state of health… Unlike other search engines, Qwant does not store this data and use it. We believe that your searches are your business and that no third party should have access to them. We therefore do our utmost to guarantee their confidentiality.

Privacy by Design

Qwant takes your privacy into account at the design stage of its products and services to ensure the highest possible level of protection for your personal data.

Minimum data collection

Qwant works hard every day to ensure that we collect the absolute minimum amount of information we need to provide our services.

No advertising cookie

Qwant does not track you for commercial purposes. We do not use any cookies or ad trackers. We do not profile you for sale to third parties.

Demand neutrality of results

Qwant Search displays all indexed sites with a constant concern for neutrality.


Qwant does not store your search history and does not try to understand who you are or what your interests are.

Qwant ignores your sensitivities

Since we do not know who you are, or what you have previously searched for, we are not trying to present you with results that conform to your sensibilities, but rather the reality of a complex world.

Qwant always at hand with Qwant mobile.

Qwant mobile is the Qwant application, available on iOS and Android. The mobile application offers the same guarantees as on a computer in terms of privacy protection and quality of service. It allows you to access relevant results thanks to a fluid, fast and tracking-free navigation.