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Respect for privacy; a prerequisite for freedom

Everyone has a right to privacy; it’s a fundamental freedom. As a resource at the service of citizens, digital technology must ensure this freedom is respected by preserving people’s privacy.

At Qwant, we are building a search engine that respects your privacy

We are committed to the idea that what you search concerns you alone. Therefore we do not collect your personal data and do not offer any targeted advertising. Our ranking algorithms guarantee neutral, exhaustive and unfiltered results, based only on relevance criteria.

Qwant, a France-based alternative with ethics at the heart of our model

The internet is a space of freedom and human interactions that we believe needs to be made more sustainable and more responsible. We have made this our mission by placing ethics, fairness, and people at the heart of the web through the products and services we offer.

Qwant and our users are helping to build a more sustainable internet

By using our products and services, our users are supporting a model that respects privacy, advocates for solidarity and promotes a responsible digital environment for future generations with Qwant Junior.

Our journey


Technical development of the panoramic search engine.


Launch of Qwant (beta version) in France and Germany.


Axel Springer invests in Qwant.


New interface, new streamlined identity and launch of Qwant Junior.


The European Bank supports Qwant, our audience doubles in one year.


Development of the Qwant mobile service offering.


Beta version launch of Qwant Maps.


Formation of a new leadership team and strengthening our cookieless advertising offer.

Our Products

Advertise on Qwant

Qwant works with companies, institutions and media agencies.

We offer original formats and solutions tailored to the needs of advertisers: choosing Qwant means choosing bespoke advertising that respects the privacy of internet users.

Awareness, engagement, performance, conversion, e-commerce: discover our advertising offerings.