Cookie policy

1) When a new visitor visits a Qwant services page for the first time, a visitor ID (anonymous character string, randomly generated by javascript) is generated and will be deposited in a cookie (_pk_id) for a period of thirteen months, as well as a session identifier deposited in a cookie (_pk_ses) for a period of 30 minutes.

From these deposits, Qwant collects events through its service provider (display of a page, click on an outgoing link, click on an interface element …) allowing it to establish aggregated and anonymized statistical data of audience measurement. These statistics will be kept for a period of 25 months in accordance with the regulations in force.

These cookies do not allow cross-checking between the collection described above and the search keywords or addresses of the websites referenced in the results pages.

A user has the option of refusing audience measurement tracking via the Qwant cookie manager or the Qwant Junior cookie manager. For this purpose, Qwant deletes cookies related to audience measurement, which are no longer stored in the browser. A cookie will still be generated in order to record the user’s choice not to be placed cookies for audience measurement purposes. The cookie recording the user’s refusal will be kept for six (6) months. Therefore, if the user will have to go to the dedicated space to renew his refusal.

2) In addition, when you change your preferences on Qwant, we must use a technical cookie to remember them on the computer, phone, tablet or any other terminal you use. This cookie is not used to identify you or to personalize advertising by targeting. We use it to:

  • adapt the presentation of our site to the display preferences of the terminal (language used, country of research, theme chosen, etc …) during your visit ;
  • Back up your settings for the next session.
  • store information relating to forms you have filled out on the site or information you have chosen on the site (filtering settings, activation of trends on the home page, etc.) ;
  • memorize your choices, especially in case of closing popins, inserts and messages that appear on Qwant.

3) All of these cookies are so-called “first-party” cookies, i.e. cookies installed by Qwant. These are not third-party cookies, which are a type of cookie installed by an entity other than that of the site consulted (for example, a cookie deposited by a third-party advertising network on the site).

These cookies remain on your device after closing your browser, for a period of up to 13 months from the first deposit on your terminal and are activated each time you browse Qwant.

You also have the option to disable these cookies in your browser options.

If you disable the recording of cookies, or if you delete those stored there, you are informed that your navigation and experience on our site may be different from that of other users who have activated cookies. This could be the case when we cannot recognize the language and display settings.

4) Some web browsers give you the option to send a Do Not Track signal to the sites you visit, indicating that you do not wish ad trackers. Qwant doesn’t set and use advertising cookies, and as such does not take any action in response to this signal. We only collect statistical data (audience measurement) for the sole purpose of improving our online search service.

And don’t worry, we also have our own cookie manager with which you can refuse audience cookies.


For more information

You can visit the CNIL website to collect information about cookies via the following page: