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Constitution of Qwant’s Leadership Team
8 April 2020
26 March 2020
Qwant becomes the search engine of the French administration
13 January 2020
Qwant gives itself new means to pursue its development
9 January 2020
Qwant appoints Tristan Nitot as its new CEO
19 September 2019
Qwant Maps: Move around without being tracked
28 June 2019
Qwant Causes the engine of citizen engagement
15 May 2019
Wiko chooses Qwant as the default Web search engine on a special edition of the View2 Pro
2 April 2019
Safran chooses Qwant
29 January 2019
Qwant appoints Wolf Hisserich as head of Qwant Germany
29 January 2019
Fast and private Brave browser chooses Qwant as its default search engine in France and Germany
13 September 2018
The Vivaldi browser integrates Qwant in its list of proposed search engines
19 July 2018
Qwant's statement about the European Commision's decision regarding Google and its Android system
18 July 2018
Qwant invests in Be-Bound
17 July 2018
The French ESEC chose to use Qwant
9 July 2018
Happy Qwant Day - New Design
5 July 2018
Qwant hires Tristan Nitot as its Vice-President Advocacy
6 June 2018 cooperates with European search engine Qwant
27 April 2018
Qwant announces its establishment in China
10 January 2018
Qwant will introduce new products and host French Tech startups at CES 2018 Las Vegas
22 December 2017
Qwant announces a second fund raising of 18.5 million euros with its partners, Caisse des Dépôts and Axel Springer.
2 February 2017
Open-Xchange and Qwant join forces to offer a user-controlled alternative to webmail and search monopolies
13 December 2016

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