Your places and journeys without leaving a trace

The mapping service that finds the right addresses and makes it easy to get around without leaving a trace.

Qwant Maps: the best of mapping combined with your privacy

At the end of the world or in your neighborhood, Qwant Maps finds the most interesting addresses and all your local services, and also helps you finding your way.

  • Zero tracking of your searches
  • Zero advertising tracking
  • Zero sale of your personal data

With Qwant Maps, your location is never stored and your geolocation data is never sold. Your location is only used temporarily to provide you with the best service.

To guarantee untracked routes and free-to-use services, Qwant Maps relies on open data and French services.

Customize your Qwant Maps service

Add your favorite locations

With Qwant, the list of your preferred places is always at your fingertips.”

Share your favorites

Instead of sharing your data, Qwant lets you share your favorite addresses with your friends and family on social networks. That’s better!”

Because with you, qwant maps can do even better

You want to add or modify an address?

Everyone can participate! Update information directly using one of the above sources of Qwant Maps. The change will be applied automatically.

You’re an entrepreneur? Add your company.

Attract new customers by adding your company for free on the website of one of our partners.