Cookie policy

When you change your preferences on Qwant, we must use a technical cookie to store them on the computer, phone, tablet or other device you are using. This cookie is not used to identify you or to personalise advertising through targeting. It is used by us to:

  • adapt the presentation of our site to the display preferences of the terminal (language used, search country, theme chosen, etc.) during your visit;

  • save your settings for the next session;
  • memorise information relating to forms you have filled in on the site or information you have chosen on the site (filtering parameters, activation of trends on the home page, etc.);

  • to remember your choices, in particular when you close pop-ups, inserts and messages displayed on Qwant.

These cookies are so-called “proprietary” cookies, i.e. installed by Qwant. They are not third-party cookies, which are a type of cookie installed by another entity than the one of the site consulted (for example, a cookie deposited by a third-party advertising agency on the site).

These cookies remain on your device after you close your browser, for a period of 6 months from the time they are first deposited on your terminal, and are activated each time you browse Qwant while logged into your account.

When you first change your settings, you are informed that we are depositing these cookies via the site.

You can disable these cookies in your browser options.

If you disable the setting of cookies, or delete the cookies that are set, you should be aware that your browsing and experience on our site may be different from that of other users who have cookies enabled. This may be the case where we are unable to recognise language and display settings.