The safe and educational search engine for children.

Qwant Junior is the first search engine designed for the learning of 6 to 12 year olds and the peace of mind of their parents. It allows young people to explore the Internet in a secure, fun and ad-free environment.

The search engine for the little ones that has all the makings of a big one

Qwant's ethics and performance.

Qwant Junior makes your child’s privacy a core value and does not allow any tracking devices. It uses the power of the Qwant Search engine to filter out inappropriate results.

Adapted functionalities.

Qwant Junior offers search suggestions, news, games and educational tabs on the homepage.


Free access.

Access Qwant Junior for free at

Let your child surf the Internet safely

Blocking inappropriate content

Qwant Junior filters the results so that they do not display violent or pornographic content. E-commerce links are also hidden. These banned sites are blacklisted and cannot be accessed via their address.

Daily updated blacklist

To identify unsuitable sites, we have developed algorithms that analyse metadata, photos, keywords, etc. This technology allows us to enrich the blacklist on a daily basis. This technology allows us to enrich the blacklist on a daily basis, which is also updated by education professionals.

Use of additional parental controls

We recommend that parents install additional parental control software as Qwant Junior cannot prevent the child from visiting other websites.

The search engine favoured by and for the French National Education

Qwant Junior is validated by the French Ministry of Education, which encourages schools to use it.

Discover the Qwant Junior mobile application

Find the whole world of Qwant Junior on the mobile application. For secure, fun and fluid Internet browsing for your little ones on the go.