The search engine for children

The only reliable, secure and fun search engine designed for children’s learning and their parents’ peace of mind.

Let your children discover the Internet with peace of mind

The leading search engine for 6- to 12-years-olds

Designed for 6-12 year olds, Qwant Junior is the first search engine that allows children to explore the Internet while learning. And above all, in complete safety because Qwant Junior blocks inappropriate content. All this, without advertising and without ever keeping the search history or personal data of your children.

The search engine for kids that has all the features of a big one

The little extra? The variety of educational games and tabs offered! Qwant Junior is favored by the French Education Ministry, which encourages its use in schools.
Qwant Junior respects your child’s privacy, and their searches are never tracked.

Parents' peace of mind first and foremost

Blocking inappropriate content

Qwant Junior filters results to avoid displaying violent or pornographic content in particular. These prohibited sites are included in a blacklist and are not accessible via their address.

Blacklist enriched daily

To identify inappropriate sites, we have developed algorithms that analyze metadata, photos, keywords, etc. This technology allows us to enrich the blacklist daily, which is also updated by education professionals.

Your personal data is yours

Qwant does not store your data to exploit it. Your searches are your business and no third party should have access to them. We therefore do everything possible to protect your confidential information.

Discover the qwant junior mobile app

Young nomads can continue their exploration of the web via the Qwant Junior app.
It is available on iOS and Android.