Protected browsing, enhanced privacy

On a web where we are permanently tracked, our solution is Qwant VIPrivacy: 3 features that protect you during your browsing, in 1 single product.

Block trackers and cookies in your browser with Qwant VIPrivacy.

Qwant becomes your default search engine

Search in privacy :

  • Zero tracking of your searches
  • Zero advertising tracking
  • Zero sale of your personal data

Qwant VIPrivacy protects you from trackers

During your browsing experience, ad tracking tools, tracking tags, and other analytics modules will no longer have access to your profile.

We publish our extension in open-source for more transparency and trust.

With Qwant VIPrivacy, fewer cookies

No more intrusive banners on most of the websites you visit.

Adopt Qwant VIPrivacy also on mobile!

Download our Qwant app on your mobile device to benefit from our search engine and secure web browsing.