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Welcome to the QWANT JUNIOR BOARDS service !

The purpose of the present Special Conditions of Use (henceforth known as SCU) is to define the conditions and methods for using the BOARDS service.

The BOARDS service can be accessed through the site https://www.qwantjunior.com/carnets/. The use of this service is done in full compliance with QWANT JUNIOR’s General Terms of Service and is subject to the present SCU which represent a contract between you and QWANT.

We reserve the right to modify the BOARDS site and/or service as well as the present SCU at any time so as to include any changes made to the service and/or its use. You will be informed of these changes by email or any other means of acquiring information under Services prior to their entry into force.

Minors can only use the service with the express approval of their parents or any other legal representative.

Note: The French text represents the official version and will prevail in case of conflict between the different versions of the present SCU.

Description of the Boards service

Giving QWANT a social dimension, BOARDS is a service that, following registration, allows users to aggregate web content and organize it by theme (for example, you can create a theme on film).  These Boards contain information which can take the form of videos, images, websites or text edited by the service user (henceforth known as “Notes”).

These Boards are, by default, private, but it’s also possible to make them public.  In theory, if the user makes their Board public, other users have the ability to view, comment on and like the Notes they contain or to copy one or more Notes onto their own Boards.

Furthermore, whenever the user carries out a search on our search engine, accessed through the link https://www.qwantjunior.com, they can create Notes by clicking on an icon located next to each referenced link.  At this point, they can choose to insert a Note onto an existing Board, or to create a new one.

An advanced search form for BOARDS, which can be accessed by clicking “Search Boards” will also be made available to the user.  This is a search engine that catalogues all Boards and Notes made by users.  In the BOARDS search form, the user is able to filter Boards by category (ex. Sports, Music, Film, etc.) as well as sort them according to number of followers, number of Notes, comments, or how often Boards are updated.

Intellectual property

It’s possible for the user to publish content in the form of Notes on their Boards. We have no control over these Notes. You acknowledge that you possess all rights related to these Notes on the condition that the intellectual property rights of authors and those with rights to the content that is being posted on the user’s Boards are respected. You alone remain responsible for what the minor you represent publishes.

You hereby grant us the permission of owning worldwide licensing and reproduction rights over hosted content for the sole purposes of using, promoting and improving the BOARDS service.

Reporting content

For all information regarding reporting content, please consult the “Reporting Content” section in QWANT JUNIOR’s General Terms of Service.

Posting on Boards

The content and information which the user chooses to aggregate and publish on Boards (public and/or private) can include links to websites, images or videos or can be related to personal notes.

They are free to choose the content they wish to aggregate on their Boards, subject to the following provisions:

You agree to make sure the user does not provide anything containing material:

  • That can constitute an apology for crimes against humanity or for war crimes;
  • That is liable to violate the respect and dignity of a human being, the safety of children and adolescents, particularly through the posting of messages that involve violence, pornography or paedophilia;
  • That is against public order or morale;
  • That is menacing, abusive, defamatory, hurtful in nature or constitutes harassment;
  • That can constitute an act of forgery, unfair trading or parasitism;
  • That provokes or causes the provocation of discrimination, hate or violence due to origin, gender, health, political or professional affiliation;
  • That violates one’s private life;
  • That encourages the committing of crimes, offences or acts of terrorism;
  • That violates the right to confidentiality;
  • That provides a link to including, though not limited to, computer viruses or any other codes or programs known to disrupt, damage or limit the proper working of any sort of software, computer or telecommunications tool;
  • That enables, either directly or indirectly, third-party links to pirate software, software created for acts of piracy and for hacking into computer and telecommunication systems and, in general, all software tools or other tools allowing users to violate the rights of others and the safety of persons and property.

You acknowledge that you alone are responsible for the contents and consequences following their aggregation and their being shared on these Boards.  You agree that the user includes the required permissions (rights, licenses, consent and/or authorization) allowing them to share other’s information.  You agree to ensure that no content is published that includes elements you are not legally authorized to possess.

We remind you that some content allowing you to directly or indirectly identify people is subject to compliance with the provisions made in law #78-17, modified January 6, 1978, including article 8 regarding sensitive information (religious or ethnic affiliation, information related to one’s health or sex life…).

You will be held responsible for all content that may infringe upon the rights of others or applicable laws, including rules related to the right to one’s image and rights regarding intellectual property and shared content.

Personal data protection

Our commitment to protecting your personal information is available here.

Specifically regarding the BOARDS service, regulations regarding data hosting require us to uphold a retention obligation for the identification information of content authors for the legal duration of one year (LCEN, article 6-II and Decree #2011-219 of February 25, 2011).

In some cases, especially in the fight against terrorism and/or organised crime, judiciary or administrative authorities can ask for the delivery of this information. The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is committed to attentive examination and refusing any communication containing abusive information.

In its capacity as a private search engine, in no way do we endorse measures adopted by governments, especially when they happen to be especially intrusive with regards to an individual’s private life. Consequently, we do everything we can to guarantee the protection of our users’ personal information; this remains and will remain our priority.

Cancelling, suspending and suppressing a Boards account

For all information regarding a Qwant Junior account, please consult the “Qwant Account” section in QWANT JUNIOR’s General Terms of Service.

Account cancellation for SCU violation

We reserve the right to temporarily or definitively refuse access to BOARDS to any user who does not respect the present SCU or in case of proven or suspected compromise of their account. The cancellation/suspension of an account will be within the complete limits of the law, without prejudice to damages or interests that QWANT may solicit. We promise to inform the user in advance by any means of communication and within a reasonable amount of time. We reserve the right to keep any proof of the shortcomings by handing it over to a third-party provider for the required amount of time until the dispute is resolved.

Disrupting or suppressing Board services

In the event that we are forced to definitively disrupt providing BOARDS services, we will warn you in advance by any means of communication and within a reasonable amount of time so you are able to transfer your information and content to another provider.